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See it, Sort it, Report it

See it, Sort it, Report it

Miller is committed to protecting the health and safety of employees, customers and the people of the communities in which Miller operate. As one of our core values, safety is at the top of our agenda.


In 2020 during the height of the global pandemic, we launched a safety programme under the name ‘Work Safe with Miller’ as an initiative to make our workplace as safe as possible and safeguard the welfare of all employees, customers and suppliers whilst allowing the business to continue to operate during the pandemic. Now that COVID-19 restrictions have lifted and the world is transitioning toward normalcy, we have decided to embed the ‘Work Safe with Miller’ programme into our culture permanently.


The goal of ‘Work Safe with Miller’ going forward is to create a sustainable safety mindset amongst everyone at Miller. To always work safely with the aim to work constantly to eliminate incidents and reach goal zero, ensuring everyone always returns home safely at the end of their shift.


As part of the programme, we have refreshed some of our existing safety initiatives. The first being our near miss/hazard reporting process. To promote this internally, we introduced our ‘see it, sort it, report it’ campaign, the first in a series of focused campaigns raising awareness of desired behaviours and best practices. To launch the campaign, we scheduled a safety stand-up in the factory for all employees. At the stand-up, everyone received their new pocket-sized booklets full of reporting cards and a work safe with Miller cupcake to thank everybody for their contribution to making Miller a safer place to work. To further reward those contributing to the improvement of our safety culture a near miss/hazard card will be randomly selected every month to win a prize.


Watch this space for more ‘Work Safe with Miller’ initiatives coming soon.

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