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Quick couplers are seen as game-changers in the construction industry by increasing the safety and speed of attachment changes whilst expanding the versatility of an excavator. Chances are, if you visit a construction site and there’s an excavator in use, it will most likely be kitted out with a quick coupler, but in this era of fast-moving technology and ever-changing construction sites, the humble coupler is now evolving with tilting couplers and tilt rotators entering the marketplace.

Tilt couplers, like the new PowerLatch Tilt coupler from Miller allows your current attachments, whether that’s a bucket, breaker or grapple, to be rotated up to 180 degrees, giving operators much greater versatility on site than ever before without having to invest in costly new attachments. For those who are not ready to shell out and invest in a Tilt rotator, the new PowerLatch Tilt coupler from Miller could be the ideal compromise for those looking for reasonably priced, less complex and lighter alternatives to Tilt rotators.

One experienced owner-operator, Ashley Quested of Quested Excavations in Herefordshire, has been using Miller’s PowerLatch Tilt coupler for several months on his Doosan DX140 and has noticed a significant increase in his output and efficiency as a result.

Quested Excavations initially purchased the PowerLatch Tilt so they could utilise their DX140 excavator to work on building projects such as roads, drainage and tree shear work. They were seeking an attachment which would provide flexibility, versatility and access to hard to reach areas.

Ashley commented: “It’s made a huge difference to my day-to-day operations and has changed the way I work on site as it’s much more flexible. The fact that the tilt is so compact means I can get the machine into the narrow spaces on site with ease and with no external rams I don’t have concerns when carrying out excavations. I have found that we spend much more time actually grading now instead of moving the machine and then levelling the machine just to perform a task, so the PowerLatch Tilt has definitely made us more productive” he added.The PowerLatch Tilt’s compatibility with the company’s Doosan DX140 machines has allowed Ashley take advantage of the full 180o tilt functionality. Currently the Miller PowerLatch Tilt is the only tilt coupler on the market which offers the full 180o tilt versatility for 14T machines which has played a vital role in Quested Excavations Tree Shearing operations.

“The Powerlatch Tilt is really convenient when carrying out tree shear work as it allows us to cut off any branch no matter what angle it is growing at” said Ashley. “The hitch is a solid piece of kit, grips the attachment pins tightly, with no sliding about when you tilt to full rotation, which is a full 90 degrees both ways. Torque is impressive too; on the tree shear it will rotate a 20-foot, ten-inch tree held at the very bottom, from flat on the ground to vertical with no problem. ?” he added.

Brendan Quill, Sales and Marketing Director from Miller UK commented “It’s fantastic to see that Quested Excavations are reaping the benefits of switching to the new PowerLatch Tilt. The move from a standard, fixed, coupler to a PowerLatch Tilt coupler helps our customer improve productivity by making previously difficult tasks much easier. We expect the new PowerLatch Tilt coupler from Miller to gain significant market share as the need for increased flexibility from the operator grows.”

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