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Miller UK supplies innovative, high quality attachment solutions to the world’s leading earthmoving OEMs, OEM dealers and the thousands of global excavator end users. Innovation is at the core of this company and their dedicated team are constantly looking to push technology boundaries to ensure that their products are at the forefront of safety standards, earth moving efficiency, durability and value.

Following a strong period of expansion plans and greater ambitions on the horizon to extend the company’s product portfolio and worldwide presence, there is no better time than to welcome a new business development director to the business, James Ross.

James joins Miller with a strong technological background and has a degree in business & finance as well as a diplomas in both mechanical engineering and various other engineering disciplines. Along with James’s strong passion for engineering, he brings with him years of experience in growing businesses, strengthening corporations and aligning them with the needs of the customer.

“There was an instant spark when I first met the executives at Miller; I understood their ambition and the journey that they have taken to achieve such success. They are so passionate about delivering the best service and products and getting them into the hands of people in the construction industry so I’m excited to be an integral part of that,” said James. “Now with more than ten weeks under my belt, I’ve had a very productive start meeting a wide demographic of customers in the UK which has given me the ability to understand and slice through this large market and appreciate the buzz and optimism for the future,” he added.

Another of Millers’ priorities is its presence across the world. Since his posting, James has already travelled to Germany to visit the Bauma show as well as spending two weeks in Australia to take part in the Diesel, Dirt & Turf Expo. “Our focus will be on making sure that we are close to our customers and that means enhancing our global footprint and continuing to invest in R&D. The GT Series is just one of a range of products that our customers can expect systematically in the coming years. The innovative ‘Ground Touch (GT)’ quick coupler series feature a revolutionary intelligent coupler sensor connect system, which will only allow attachment change process to commence when the attachment is safely placed on the ground, which demonstrates Miller leading the way and going above and beyond legislative requirements. We as a company will continue to make the lives of our customers safer and more effective by providing market leading attachments and therefore maintaining our position as industry innovators,” said James.

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