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Miller welcomes market intelligence intern to their award-winning team

Miller welcomes market intelligence intern to their award-winning team

Leading earthmoving attachment manufacturer Miller Groundbreaking welcomes new Market Intelligence Intern to their award-winning team to provide a fresh insight into the industry and assist with upcoming marketing projects.

We thought we would catch up with Rokas in his first week of placement to find out what he hopes to get out of his placement with Miller and what he hopes to achieve over the next 12 months.


Q1. What are you studying at university and what does the course entail?

I have just completed my second year at Newcastle University studying Marketing and Management. Within my course, topics such as consumer behaviour, global and strategic marketing, digital marketing and HR, operations, and strategy management are covered in depth with side projects that allow me to challenge myself to further develop my skillset.


Q2. How has your background shaped your love for marketing?

I was born in Lithuania, which is really where my passion for marketing started. From an early age, I was involved in my family business where I oversaw social media marketing, SEO reports, content management, and data analysis. I quickly began to realise that my strongest areas were in analytics which is why I am so excited to start my placement with Miller.

During my time studying at University, I wanted to ensure that I kept developing my skills outside of studies to gain as much experience as possible. Therefore, I experimented with selling clothes, toys, and jewellery using e-commerce platforms and promoting via affiliate marketing, social media, email, and display marketing which helped me understand which methods of marketing are suited to different campaigns.


Q3. What do you bring to Miller through the marketing placement?

Whilst experimenting with my own businesses and combining the knowledge I had acquired at university; I quickly began to understand the importance of data gathering to make informed decisions. Throughout my placement, I hope to help Miller gain an insight into what product and service offerings Miller’s consumer is looking for by analysing relevant market trends and related data.


Q4. What do you hope to get out of this placement?

This placement will provide me with an amazing opportunity to gain real-life experience within a successful global business with experienced individuals. I am keen to learn as much as I can from my colleagues as I believe this will enhance my understanding of the marketing world and how businesses operate from day to day. Upon my return to university this will also be greatly beneficial as I will be able to apply real life experience into my essays by approaching the questions with a different outlook to what I will have prior to my placement.


Q5. What does your future look like?

I believe that marketing will always be a fundamental aspect of a business and therefore I am confident that I will remain in this industry. I want to continue to challenge myself to improve in my role which excites me. It’s this that makes me want to follow a career in marketing in the hope that I can continue to expand my knowledge every day, especially in an amazing environment that Miller creates.


Q6. Having heard about what your role will entail, what are you most excited about?

My role in marketing intelligence excites me as each day I will be discovering new trends and identifying new areas for Miller to investigate. I believe it will be challenging but I am enthusiastic about improving my analytic skills and seeing how far I can push myself to learn new things. Having already heard about some of the projects I will be working on with Miller, I’m looking forward to getting started and making my placement worthwhile.


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