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To celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, and its accomplishments, Keith Miller chairman of Miller UK invited his entire workforce of more than 140 employees to Croft Motor Racing Circuit in North Yorkshire for an exciting track day experience to learn how to drive fast cars safely around a racing track.

Cars are one of Keith’s passions in life, so it was a great fun way to celebrate this two-day event where the team got a chance to drive some impressive supercars including a Ginetta G20, Caterham 7, Toyota GT86, Porsche Cayman, Mini Cooper Sport and Land Rover Defenders which were used in an off road session. Throughout the day the Miller team’s driving skills were assessed behind the wheel on how well they handled each of the cars, and each driver was awarded points in order to be crowned the ultimate ‘petrol head’.

Edward Moore, Managing Director of Motor Sport Events commented, “What separates the Miller gang and makes them so special is the fun loving and well-mannered attitude of everyone throughout the company and this was exactly the same when we organised the 25th anniversary track day. I was most impressed with how everyone listened and learnt from the instructors and there are undoubtedly a few star drivers in the company.”

Whilst taking time out from a number of hot laps on the Croft Circuit, Keith Miller acknowledged the dedication and hard work from his team and his reasons for rewarding their loyalty.  “I want to thank all of our loyal staff, the whole Miller team because every single talented individual has played an integral part in the success of Miller over the past 40 years. One of the secrets to our success is the teamwork, loyalty and good nature of our people. It’s our people that make the difference”, said Keith. “It’s a significant year for Miller celebrating 40 years of constant evolution of innovative, ground breaking attachment solutions, and this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our 40th anniversary with the team,” he added.“With incredible drive and tenacity from the fantastic people we have at Miller, we have been able to develop a brand that is recognised as the industry standard for quality, safety and performance. The future looks promising for Miller as we continue to push the boundaries of attachment technologies driven by innovation.”

For more information please call 0800 912 0006, visit, or follow Miller on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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