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We are delighted to announce that Miller has joined Mates in Mind, a registered charity that provides a framework to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and improve positive mental wellbeing for UK construction.

According to a survey of 3,400 construction workers by Randstad*, 34% of respondents have experienced a mental health condition in the past year. Furthermore, two-thirds said they did not feel there are sufficient outlets to discuss mental health conditions. We recognise that the stigma often associated with poor mental health can often be perceived as difficult as the experience itself. Even though many of us will experience stress, depression or anxiety at some point in our lives, we may often be afraid to talk about it or to seek help and support.

As a Supporter of Mates in Mind, we want to demonstrate our commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of our workforce. Mates in Mind helps us take an important step towards breaking the silence and stigma that can surround mental wellbeing in society and in particular, in the construction industry. We are joining numerous other construction companies in Supporting Mates in Mind, helping to improve the mental health and well-being of our people.

Mates in Mind is being delivered to the UK construction industry in support of the Health in Construction Leadership Group and in partnership with various industry and mental health charities.

As a Supporter of Mates in Mind, we also gain access to support and communication materials, as well as a range of awareness and training programmes – helping us to take a joined-up approach to improving mental health & wellbeing.

For more information on Mates in Mind visit: www.matesinmind.orgOr alternatively call the Construction Industry Helpline on: 0345 605 1956

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