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Quick couplers are seen as game-changers in the construction industry by increasing the safety and speed of attachment changes whilst expanding the versatility of an excavator. Chances are, if you visit a construction site and there’s an excavator in use, it will most likely be kitted out with a quick coupler, but in this era of fast-moving technology and ever-changing construction sites, the humble coupler is now evolving with tilting couplers and tilt rotators entering the marketplace.

Tilt couplers, like the new PowerLatch Tilt coupler from Miller allows your current attachments, whether that’s a bucket, breaker or grapple, to be rotated up to 180 degrees, giving operators much greater power and versatility on site than ever before without having to invest in costly new attachments. Launched at Diesel dirt and turf back in April the brand new PowerLatch tilt offers the markets only fully cast body delivering 180o tilt rotation delivering the lightest tilt frame in the marketplace with the lowest profile to maximise breakout force. With its fully cast, slim line, cylinder free design, the new PowerLatch Tilt coupler is ideal for working with the narrowest of attachments for all manner of tasks, from channel clearing and grading to house building and quarrying without having to worry about damaging external rams or cylinders.

Tilt couplers have been a very popular attachment in the Northern NSW region for quite some time and are heading towards being a standard requirement for many industries due to their versatility. The Miller PowerLatch Tilt’s machine compatibility means that the installation of the coupler, with dedicated plumbing points coming through the centre makes the setup simple and clean and the bolt on head bracket enables the customers to fit the unit onto multiple machines.

JCB dealer Hydraulics Hotline operating out of Coffs Harbour NSW, have recently invested in a number of Miller PowerLatch Tilts after being introduced to them about a year ago by Miller’s distributor, Groundhog Solutions to be used in a cross section of sites ranging from residential construction, landscaping, civil works and the upgrade of the federal highway. “The combination of quality and industry compliance gives us peace of mind and suits our business model,” commented Paul Millar, Managing Director of Hydraulics Hotline. “Ultimately, the Miller PowerLatch Tilt integrates with JCB Excavators seamlessly”, he added.

Norm Walsh, Sales and Support Manager from Miller Australia commented “It’s fantastic to see that Hydraulics Hotline is reaping the benefits of switching to the new PowerLatch Tilt. The move from a standard, fixed, coupler to a PowerLatch Tilt coupler helps our customer improve productivity by making previously difficult tasks much easier.” Norm also added “We are excited to have Groundhog Solutions representing us in this region and in South East Queensland.  They have been crucial to our successes in this area and we expect the new PowerLatch Tilt coupler from Miller to gain significant market share as the need for increased flexibility from the operator grows.”

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