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Global Earthmoving Attachment Specialist Contributes to Spiritual Centre

Global Earthmoving Attachment Specialist Contributes to Spiritual Centre

One of the world’s largest earthmoving attachment providers – Miller – has supported a major non-profit spiritual organisation with the donation of equipment to dig foundations at its new centre.

Miller, located across the globe and with manufacturing and support facilities in India, contributed and installed a range of attachments, including a quick coupler, trench bucket and large ditch cleaning bucket, that will be used at an additional site being built for the Isha Foundation.

With a vision to offer the science of inner wellbeing to every human being, Sadhguru founded the Isha Foundation in 1992 to springboard pioneering environmental, educational, health and community revitalisation works. To date, the foundation has over 300 yoga centres, 10 schools teaching over 8500 children with over 17 million volunteers that have helped over 200 million people.

And in its latest addition to the series of spiritual centres located predominately in India – with international sites already in Europe, Asia and Africa – the newest centre currently undergoing development is located in the vibrant and natural settings of Bengaluru. In coming years, it is set to house onsite accommodation, educational and recreational facilities, as well as an auditorium for yoga.

The support of the donation stemmed from the founder and Chairman of Miller, Keith Miller being in a fortunate position to meet with the spiritual leader, Sadhguru. Upon hearing about Sadhguru’s mission and vision to empower all to reach their full potential and encourage inner prosperity and wellbeing, Keith explained this very much aligned with his own beliefs and something he has instilled on the culture at Miller.

As such, the owner committed to providing and installing digging attachments – known for their ability to increase safety, productivity and versatility – that will play an integral role in building the foundations of the new Isha centre. These were supplied within only a matter of a couple of weeks from the initial agreement enabling works to commence swiftly.

Speaking about his encounter with Sadhguru, Keith said: “It was a true honour to meet with Sadhguru. He is a very inspiring and a highly educated figure, and it is clear to see why he has such a huge following across the globe.

“India is recognised as the home of spirituality and Miller recognises the importance of people’s wellbeing, starting with how everyone feels on the inside and how our journey within determines how we resonate with the outside world. As such, we are focused at Miller on providing tools to promote good mental health of all employees, which aligns with the work that Sadhguru is doing on a global scale.

“I am a stern believer that it is important to give back to the community where you can – on a local, national and international scale – and, as such, it is a real privilege that Miller has been able to make a small contribution to such a significant project that will go a long way to laying the foundations for a centre that is set to benefit so many individuals, as well be used for years to come for multiple uses.”

Most recently, Sadhguru launched a Save Soil initiative, a global movement to address the soil crisis in the world which promotes sustainable land management and restoration of soil health that will ensure long-term food and water security across the globe. The Save Soil movement reached 3.9 billion people in a span of 100 days with 74 nations agreeing to act on saving soil.

Miller has been committed to providing its leading products in India since 2007 and has extensive manufacturing facilities in the country, coupled with support teams comprising design, sales and service functions. The company, which specialises in quick coupler and bucket attachments for excavators, has ambitious plans to grow its already strong foothold within India through heavily investing in its operations and people in the business to facilitate growth.

Speaking about the company’s ambitious plans for growth, Keith Miller said: “We are passionate about growing our business in India which is rich in culture with a proud heritage. We are well underway with implementing all the necessary measures that will enable us to grow sustainably in what promises to be a very prosperous future for the country with lots of emerging opportunities.

“As we continue to grow it is very important that we give back to the community as much as we can, and it would very much be a privilege to continue working with the Isha Foundation, providing our support where we can help.”

In India, Miller has been proactive in providing support to the community which has seen the business work alongside a local orphanage over the last decade to provide various commodities including electrical goods and clothing items, as well as employees donating their time to support local people.

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