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A group of 24 full time MBA students from Durham University Business School visited Miller UK today. The visit was organised by Operations Development Consultant, Gavin Townsend who has been working with students on the development of a ‘Sustainability Challenge’ over the last month.

Following an introduction and an overview by Chief Operating Officer, Chris Parkin, the group of students were taken to the factory floor to understand the processes involved in operating a sustainable factory. The visit was a great opportunity for the students to experience and see a manufacturing business first-hand.

During the visit, and as part of their ‘Sustainability Challenge’, the students had to carry out a sustainability audit, focusing on the specific areas of governance, social and environmental impact. The next step will be for the students to shape their audit results and factory observations into recommendations which Miller UK can hopefully use in the ongoing development of their own Sustainability Development Strategy. The students hope to present back to Miller UK within the next week or so.

In addition to Miller UK, students from the Business School worked with other companies in Cramlington including; Avid Technology, PHC and American Air Filters.

Gavin commented, “I’m very grateful to Miller UK and all of the local companies involved for their tremendous support. Feedback from the students has been really positive and they have found the visit to be extremely beneficial for their studies – they have been given a fantastic opportunity to get an insight of great design and manufacturing businesses in the North East of England”

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