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Because we’re Gold! Miller UK achieves gold standard in the Better health at work award.

Because we're Gold! Miller UK achieves gold standard in the Better health at work award.

Leading earthmoving attachments manufacturer, Miller Groundbreaking has achieved a Gold standard in the Better Health at Work Award. Since achieving a Silver standard last year, Miller has been continually committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle across their workforce.


The Better Health at Work Award is a project unique to the North East, which supports organisations to advocate health and wellbeing within the workplace. As one of the world’s leading attachment companies, Miller believes it’s their employees that make them who they are today and therefore supporting employees’ health and wellbeing at work is a fundamental part of making what they do possible.


With their growing workforce, Miller decided to double the number of Health Advocates internally to ensure that messages of health and wellbeing were communicated across their full workforce. This helped to ensure that initiatives put in place for the Better Health at Work Award were embedded into daily practice and allowed Miller to gain valuable feedback for future campaigns.


“Miller have completed a robust submission this year and have included some great elements along the way.” Miller’s dedicated Health Improvement Specialist Practitioner, Cameron Armstrong stated. “Their social value approach has been excellent, with partnership working alongside schools and the multiple fundraisers for charity. There has been some excellent progress made from Silver award and it is hoped there is still more great work to come. Congratulations on achieving the Gold award, you’ve earned it!” He added.


Miller conducted a number of health and wellbeing campaigns across the year which spanned from new eye-catching graphics in the smoking shelters to a company-wide BBQ to highlight the benefits of swapping alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages.


Miller’s Business Improvement Leader and Health Advocate, Stephen Brown commented, “I think this year has been a huge success in terms of promoting a healthier lifestyle to our workforce, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our campaigns and a higher level of engagement in what we have been doing. A lot of the ideas we have implemented this year have made a massive difference to our employee’s morale and it feels like a huge reward to see people adopting the healthy practices that we have recommended. A lot of hard work has gone into achieving the Gold award and we are looking forward to working towards ‘Continuing Excellence’”.

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