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Clancy Plant, established in 1962 and part of the Clancy Group of Companies,has evolved to become one of the most diverse and capable providers of assets to the utilities, rail, civil engineering and house building construction contractors in the UK, with a growing portfolio of business around the country.It puts customer service, innovation and safety at the top of its list of priorities, and prides itself in leading the way in all of those areas, which is why it chooses to invest in only the best people, plant and equipment.

The company recently acquired 12 new U27 Kubota excavators for its already extensive hire fleet – and it had no hesitation in fitting them all out with the next generation of hydraulic quick couplers from Miller UK.

The Miller GTS range has been hailed as the lowest,lightest and safest compact quick coupler on the marketplace, offering a wide range of pick-ups for any attachment within the same class – all from the comfort and security of the cab.

When the range was first launched at Plantworx in 2019, response to the product was described by the company as ‘astounding’ with ‘exceptionally high enquiries’ which were quickly turned into firm sales.

Clancy Plant was among those companies immediately attracted to the Miller GTS hydraulic quickcoupler – suitable for excavators from one tonne to6 tonne – and since then they have fitted close on 80 machines with the coupler.

We recently caught up with Clancy’s Head of Plant Lee Peddle, who explained why. “I have worked very closely with Miller UK in the past few years – their Business Development Manager Nick Kealy in particular – to try to bring some uniformity to our fleet with the Miller product.

“We are all about innovation and safety and I already was a big fan of the Miller Mate safety system which can be retro-fitted; it ensures the operator can easily couple and de-couple attachments and vitally it also prevents accidental release. The Miller Mate is a perfect complement for the GTS coupler, and working together, onsite operations can be carried out much more safely and efficiently.”

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That is significant, because site safety is an ever-present issue that is a constant threat in any environment and in any walk of life – and the greatest way to prevent accidents is not only to train people how to reduce the risk to zero, but put controls in place that will limit the possibility of an accident.

The construction sector is one of the most dangerous. Only 5% of employees in the UK work in the construction sector but it accounts for 27% of fatal workplace injuries and 9% of reported major injuries (HSE figures). Based upon reported accidents it is generally accepted that 80% of accidents are due to human error.

So, have Clancy Plant clients been won over by the Miller GTS units? “Definitely,” says Lee, “especially those working on major specialist contracts like HS2 and UK power networks where health and safety is paramount. As a supplier we need to be in a position to offer the end-user the very best that is available –and we can do that with the Miller product.

“As a business we need to be seen to be proactive about health and safety, which is why we repeatedly opt for the Miller brand over and above other hitches.OK, additional features on our excavators, such as the Miller quick coupler, may add to the cost of the hire,but we know we have the safest machines possible and you can’t put a price on that.”By David Stokes, Plant & Civil Engineer 6NEWS Miller UK team.”

Ground Touch

Miller’s philosophy, of course, has always been to try to ensure its customers have the safest most advanced attachment products in the market – that’s why it is continuously developing coupler technology to increase safety in hazardous working environments– and that’s why safety is built into every element of a Miller quick coupler. The innovative GT Series, for example, features Ground Touch technology, an intelligent coupler connect system that will only allow the attachment change process to commence when the attachment is safely placed on the ground. With visual and sensory alert-based safety notifications, intentional and accidental operator coupler misuse is easily prevented, while a revolutionary controlled release system promotes safe working behaviour whilst reducing operator complacency.Other features include simple integration seamlessly into the machine’s hydraulics and electronic system,and a dedicated simplified operating switch for easy use.

Customer Support

Aftersales service and support are always vital elements in any supplier/end-user relationship, and comments Nick Kealy: “We strive to look after Clancy Plant to the best of our abilities; we enjoy working with the company and look forward to maintaining that close relationship with them into the foreseeable future.”Those sentiments were readily echoed by Clancy Plant’s Lee Peddle. “We deal directly with Miller UK and our working partnership couldn’t be better,” says Lee. “Nick Kealy and I keep in touch, meeting up every now and again to discuss what our needs are and how Miller UK can meet those needs.“As a case in point, we have just purchased two of the latest new 22 tonne JCB machines and we want to fit them with Miller hitches, so all parties are working together to ensure that happens in the most effective and efficient way, which is good – and that’s another reason we hope to continue building on our relationship with the Miller UK team.”