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Miller Receives ‘Achieving Excellence’ Standard in the Better Health at Work Award

Miller Receives 'Achieving Excellence' Standard in the Better Health at Work Award

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded ‘Continuing Excellence’ standard in the Better Health at Work Award.

The Better Health at Work Award is exclusive to the North East of England and promotes workplace health and wellbeing. As a global attachment company, we value our employees as the core of our success, making workplace wellbeing part of our mission.

We have a team of 10 Health Advocates, that help to plan and execute health and wellbeing initiatives, which this year has seen, to name a few:

  • A sponsored bike ride to raise money for Miller’s chosen charity;
  • Promotion of Stoptober where we created eye catching graphics highlighting the financial and health-related benefits of quitting smoking;
  • A company-wide walk for World Mental Health Day;
  • Free fruit for all employees for Nutrition & Hydration week;
  • Movember, where 5 employees grew out their moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health.

Speaking about our award, Miller’s dedicated Health Improvement Specialist Practitioner from Northumberland Government, Cameron Armstrong said: Miller’s commitment and efforts towards achieving ‘Continuing Excellence’ in the Better Health at Work Award has been excellent to see and helps uphold the benchmark it has set throughout the previous years on the award. It is particularly impressive to see Miller’s options for support relating to mental health awareness, to continually make it a destigmatised topic that can be talked about around the workplace. Miller also showed a great social value approach, combining healthy activities together, such as a bike ride in order to help fundraise for the chosen charity of 2023, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.”

We received extremely positive feedback on the campaigns we ran during the award-period, which will help us to tailor future campaigns to get the best results for our employees.

Our Marketing Executive and Health Advocate, Lucy Ross-Knight commented: “This year, our workforce has significantly improved their engagement in our Better Health initiatives. With four years of the Better Health award program under our belt, promoting a healthier workforce is embedded in our culture, thanks to strong support from our Senior Management team.”

We’re now starting our efforts in achieving ‘Maintaining Excellence’ standard which involves plans to expand our health advocate network across our global facilities.

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