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The Compact Task Bucket Range

The Task Bucket Range has been developed for compact machines and is designed to work in synergy with Miller compact quick couplers. Consisting of four different designs, the range enables you to complete all tasks quickly and efficiently to increase your productivity and maximise your time on-site.

The Digging and Loading Scoop, the Trenching Scoop, the Vertical Wall Bucket and the Ditch Cleaning Bucket make up the Task Bucket Range. Each model has specific features and benefits designed to enhance the performance of your machine. No matter what the given task, you can trust Miller’s Task Bucket Range to provide the solution.



The compact Miller Digging and Loading bucket works quickly and effectively within confined spaces. When operating with the Miller GTS compact quick coupler the reduced boom extension provides greater machine stability when in the dig cycle.

  •       Designed to dig more, the bucket profile has a higher fill factor than conventional designs
  •       Eliminates waste as well as the cost of expensive backfill materials
  •       Digs faster and more efficiently
  •       The design reduces ground resistance and so increases cycle times
  •       More power is created through reduced pin to point, which improves the machine’s break-out force
  •       Can be operated in face mode position for increased versatility.



The Miller Compact Trenching bucket is a narrow version of the Miller digging bucket and is specifically designed to allow for correct width trench digging and so reduces digging time.

  •       Accurate trench width can be achieved with the greatest of ease
  •       Saves time and eliminates waste as well as the cost of expensive backfill materials
  •       Digs faster and more efficiently
  •       The design reduces ground resistance and so increases cycle times
  •       Designed to dig more with a higher fill factor than conventional designs



We listened to the people who required a specialist bucket to assist with digging a vertical wall. Now through design innovation this task has never seemed so easy with Miller’s Mini Vertical Wall Bucket.

  •       With its finely tuned geometry this bucket has been designed for precision digging
  •       Compact shape allows maximum vertical wall depth at minimal reach from the machine
  •       Bucket design enables use in confined spaces
  •       Vertical walls can be achieved at maximum reach



The Task Bucket Range would be incomplete without the Mini Ditch Cleaning Bucket (DCB). The DCB is purpose built for general operations such as ditch and channel cleaning, ditch maintenance and site clearance.

  • The compact design complete with its integral pins, ensures quick and effective use within small working areas
  • This also allows safe and easy transportation when the DCB is attached to the machine
  • The DCB is also useful for other light duties such as embankment grading and slope work



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