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The Wheeled Loader Bucket

Miller’s quarry and mining expertise proves invaluable in the design and manufacture of the Miller Wheeled Loader Bucket range. Miller designs and manufactures wheel loader buckets with large capacity, lightweight, high-lift specifications to suit every OEM make and model.

These durable designs are easy to maintain with the added assurance that the correct wear package is installed for even the toughest application.

General Purpose

A general-purpose bucket ideally suited for working in stockpiled and loose material which can be fitted with or without teeth and adapters.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty wheel loader suitable for high impact environments and tough digging such as sandstone, mining and quarrying, the Miller heavy-duty wheel loader bucket has a spade nose cutting edge, heavy-duty spill guard, weld-on adapters and rock tips.

Extreme Rock

Extreme conditions and rocky environments such as quarry face penetration and slag re-handling requires the Miller Extreme Rock wheel loader range series. This includes a spade nose cutting edge, weld on adaptors and abrasion tips, bolt-on edge protector segments and heavy-duty spill guard.


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