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Our reputation is built on quality and reliability. Our systems do the talking: but it’s the expertise behind them that has driven us forward as a business. We offer this expertise to customers through a set of services designed to enhance your project – allowing you to get more out of your machinery and increase efficiency across your site. From onsite inspections designed to reduce project downtime and keep your machines moving through to responsive field services and repairs, we are here to help whenever and wherever you need us. You can also leverage our design expertise by requesting a fully bespoke attachment solution, built to the same high standards as our core line but tailored entirely to your project and requirements.


Miller I NGDF offers a free no obligation inspection service to help you reduce unplanned downtime.

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Field Services & Response

The Miller I NGDF field service team comprises product support engineers, technicians and specialized experts backed by technical support through our product support centre.

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Miller I NGDF offers a dedicated repair and refurbishment service that can provide a fast turnaround to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

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Custom Design

The Miller I NGDF engineering department specialises in delivering custom applications, bespoke equipment and innovative attachment development to meet all your bespoke project requirements.

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