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Hydraulic Quick Hitch for 1 to 6T compact excavators

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Miller GT Tilt compact quick hitch suitable for 1 – 6t mini excavators

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Hydraulic Quick Hitch suitable for excavators from 8 to 50 tonnes

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Powerlatch Quick Hitch

Twinlocking quick hitch suitable for 3.5t – 50t excavators

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Powerlatch Tilt

Powerlatch tilting quick hitch offers 180-degree tilt for 3.5 to 20 tonne excavators

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Intelligent Quick Hitches For Diggers That Allow High-Speed Attachments
Our unrivalled range of hitches for diggers are expertly manufactured to facilitate quick, secure attachment changes to ensure your operations run as smoothly and safely as possible.Where manual hitches can only deliver 5-minute attachment changes, our Miller | NGDF GT Series completes changes in 18 seconds, allowing minimal downtime on jobs and maximum tool versatility. Compatible with compact excavators from 1 to 6 tonnes, the Miller | NGDF GTS hitch boasts a cutting-edge design with reduced internal components to keep repair and maintenance costs down. Manufactured with the same matchless design expertise, our GTX quick hitch offers the safest, lightest, lowest yet strongest solution in the marketplace for excavators of 8 to 50 tonnes. The universal variable pin centre of the Miller | NGDF GTS and GTX Series hitches allows a full array of OEM attachments to be picked up and swapped by operators from the comfort and safety of their cab to boost machine productivity.The award-winning Miller | NGDF Powerlatch Quick Hitch features our ISO1301 compliant twin locking system that guarantees the safest attachments for excavators from 3.5 to 120 tonnes. Our patented Automatic Blocking System safeguards against accidental attachment failure and dropped buckets with a reliable independent back up system, to maximise the safety of your fleet. Delivering a 180-degree tilt for 3.5 to 20-tonne excavators, the Miller | NGDF Powerlatch Tilt offers powerful endurance and converts all buckets into rotating buckets without having to reposition the excavator or manually change attachments, for a time-saving, flexible solution that makes grading and demolition simple.

Contact a member of the Miller | NGDF team today on +1300 744 824 or via our online query form below and discover how our industry-leading range of quick hitches can transform your groundbreaking operations.


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