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In Conversation with: Toby Beeby, Tight Access Excavation

In Conversation with: Toby Beeby, Tight Access Excavation

Miller recently took the opportunity to catch up with Toby Beeby, Owner/Operator at Tight Access Excavation Limited. Based in Temuka, South Canterbury, the excavation and earthmoving contractors – which was established in 2020 – specialise in delivering a range of services from earthworks and cleanups to trenching and demolition across commercial, residential and rural sectors.
As a first-time customer to Miller, and a novice to tilt hitches, we wanted to find out first hand Toby’s thoughts on using Miller’s 180ᵒ tilting quick hitch, the GTT.

An experienced operator, Toby explains, “I’ve never used a tilt hitch before, just tilt buckets. I’ve never really been a fan of the tilt bucket though – they do have their benefits – but in my experience I have always found them to be quite restrictive, as only our wide bucket was ever capable of tilting to the desired range and even then, you are very limited to what you can actually do.”

First Tilt Hitch Experience
In 2022, Toby bought a new digger – a Takeuchi TB217R – which is well-known for its capabilities to offer superior performance where working space is very limited. This compact machine was already installed with Miller’s GTT hitch.
“I hadn’t particularly been looking for a tilting hitch when I was buying a new machine, however quickly realised the benefits I could achieve with one. What Miller’s tilt hitch allows me to do with all of my buckets is absolutely amazing,” Toby said. “I will never own a digger without a tilt hitch again!”
Our GTT quick hitches – suitable for 1 – 6t compact machines – have been designed to transform an excavator from a digging machine into a multi-carrier, which is ideal for performing versatile operations from the comfort and safety of an operator’s cab. With 180ᵒ tilt rotation, this significantly enhances the performance of traditional attachments.
Toby added: “I would recommend the GTT to anyone. A tilt hitch allows my digger to achieve so much more. It’s so much quicker and my small digger can now do things that I never thought it would be physically capable of doing. It has really highlighted to me the importance in taking the time and consideration to choose the right attachment for your machine, as it really can be a game-changer.”

Increased Productivity
“Through increased productivity and performance, with the ability to very easily reach even the hardest of areas,” explains Toby, “I am able to improve the services that Tight Access Excavation offers our customers, which is always something that is very important to me.”

Want to see more of Toby Beeby at Tight Access Excavation’s work in action? Check out his Instagram page and follow him here.