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Optimise your machines' digging performance

Our innovative bucket design is revolutionising the efficiency of excavators worldwide.With years of on-site knowledge and manufacturing experience Miller bucket designs are continually re-evaluated to enhance your machines productivity. The tried and tested Miller Bucket is strong and durable with a unique design that can improve efficiency and productivity.

More efficiency

Miller’s design reduces the area of the bucket that engages with the ground, creating less resistance than a conventional bucket during the digging cycle. All ground engaging areas are manufactured from high strength abrasion resistant steel alloy.

More productivity

The design of the bucket ensures a higher fill factor every time. Even sticky materials can be dumped with ease and the compact shape of the bucket improves the machine’s digging force in most applications. Built to perform – whatever the application

Maximised Digging Efficiency

Miller heavy duty digging buckets are designed to mirror the natural geometry of the excavator and shaped to match the natural arc of the digger arm to reduce strain on the excavator itself. This increases digging force and decreases power requirements, resulting in better fuel economy.

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