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Hitches and Tilts

Quick-hitches are seen as game-changers in the construction industry by increasing the safety and speed of attachment changes whilst expanding the versatility of an excavator.

For decades Miller has been committed to product innovation, listening to its customers in order to design and develop high performance hitches, whether that’s reacting to new safety legislation or finding ways to improve efficiencies on site.

Miller’s philosophy is to always try to ensure our customers have the most advanced attachment products in the market where that would be our latest GT series with its innovative “GroundTouch” intelligent safety system or our award winning 180 degree rotating PowerLatch Tilt is a testament to this.

At Miller we strongly believe that the right hitch should complement and enhance the machine and make each task as safe, as smooth and as efficient as possible, saving contractor’s fuel, time and money all from the safety and comfort of your cab.

The GT Series

Miller's latest hydraulic quick-hitches (our GT Series) which are suitable for excavators from 1 to 50 tonnes is set to bring innovation to the excavator industry like never before. The brand new Miller GT series range is the lowest, lightest and safest quick hitch on the marketplace offering 1T - 50T excavators a wide range of pick-ups for any attachment within the same class all from the comfort and security of the cab.


Safety is built into every element of a Miller quick-hitch and their innovative GT Series quick hitches also feature GroundTouch Technology an Intelligent Hitch Connect System. Designed to reduce the risk of job site accidents, interruptions and unexpected costs, this ground touch technology has been designed to initiate the changing of attachments whilst on the ground; the ultimate in attachment & ground worker safety.

PowerLatch Tilt Hitches

Designed for customers who need the full functionality of a tilt bucket but see the versatility of having 180° tilt functions for their attachments, the Miller PowerLatch Tilt is cast from high tensile steel and is comparatively lighter than other models available on the market. Miller’s PowerLatch Tilt hitch is exceptionally strong, despite being the lightest hitch in its class and this increases machine efficiency, uses less fuel and reduces environmental impact.


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